Say NO to palace letters secrecy

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet won't release 13 letters sent to the Queen since 2013 by current and former Australian Prime Ministers. This includes the letters sent by Tony Abbott to the Queen around the time when he was deciding to make Prince Phillip a Knight of the Order of Australia.

This isn't right. Australians have the right to know who's making decisions for Australia. What's worse, the government officials say these letters should be secret because releasing the letters would damage Australia's "international relations".

We know the Queen is not an Australian, but until we get a republic, the Queen is still Australia's head of state! Australia's Information Commissioner has made his judgement, and he says, quote: "The Department must now give the applicant access to an unedited copy of the documents."

We, the undersigned petitioners of Australia, call on the Government to release the letters now.

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