Gold Member of the Australian Republic Movement

Thank you for joining thousands of your fellow Australians in joining the Australian Republic Movement. For 25 years, the ARM has been the custodian of the simple belief that Australia deserves one of our own as Head of State under a free-standing republic.

Throughout that time, the Movement has been sustained by our members and supporters. And now, 16 years after defeat in the 1999 referendum, we are ready to go again. With the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader on side, as well as every single State and Territory leader and the Chief Justice of the High Court, we have an historic opportunity to grasp the moment and change Australia for the better.

Thanks to proud and patriotic Australians such as you, we are already a grassroots organisation. Now we need to turn the ARM into the biggest people's movement this nation has ever seen. To do so, I am asking a personal favour (I know, I know - you've only just joined!). In addition to signalling your support on social media via the links above, would you  consider filling out the form below to send me the names and email addresses of up to five friends or family members who you think might join us? Ten, if you're feeling strong! Should you do so, I would then contact them with a personal invitation to join the Movement. Should they join - ripper, if not, that would be the end of it - they would not hear from me or the ARM again.

One day in the not-too-distant future, Australia is going to become a republic. And when we do, you can stand tall and proud in the knowledge that you did your bit when it counted.

With gratitude,





Peter FitzSimons AM