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The Australian Republic Movement is the leading voice for republicans in Australia. For more than twenty five years we have been at the forefront of the debate, advocating for an Australian republic with an Australian head of state. In recent years, the Movement has been going from strength to strength. With each day that passes, we’re getting closer to achieving our goal of a national vote to become a republic by 2020.

There are many great reasons to become a member of the Australian Republic Movement. You can choose the best subscription for your circumstances by selecting from the options below.

You can do your part to give Australia its own head of state, to make us an independent nation at every level. By joining the ARM you’ll be helping to do your bit to give Australia a head of state we can be proud of. One of our own. An Australian like us.

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Please note that Brass membership is designed for those who are Concession/HealthCare/Seniors Card holders or where funds are especially tight.

There is no difference between various levels of membership offered other than the cost and payment structure. The tiered membership options provide a way for people who can contribute more financially to do so. 

Our campaign is 100% funded by members and donations. 

If you'd like to organise a gift membershipplease contact us at or through our message line (02) 6257 3705

All payments are in Australian dollars.