Next Governor-General should not be a “captain’s call" – Republic Movement call for democratic decision

The Republic Movement calls on the Prime Minister to give Australians a say in the appointment of the next Governor-General. Peter FitzSimons AM, National Chair of the Australian Republic Movement, has written to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to propose that the Government conduct a vote of the Parliament, or a vote of the people, before the appointment of the next Governor-General. Continue reading

Support for republic rose in Royal wedding week

Today’s Guardian Essential Report shows support for an Australian republic rose in Royal wedding week. Fewer Australians were undecided, while support for the monarchy was unchanged. Continue reading

The British royal family is now preparing for the end of the Queen's reign

Overnight a spokesperson for the UK Prime Minister has confirmed that when the Commonwealth heads of government meet in England later this week they will decide who will be head of the Commonwealth of Nations after the present Queen. The 53 Commonwealth nations - including 32 Commonwealth republics - are about to make a democratic decision about their next head.  That is a good thing, and their democratic decision should be respected.  The position for Australians is the opposite. Continue reading

Welcome Charles, but why do you want to be our head of state?

The Australian Republic Movement welcomes Prince Charles to Australia for the Commonwealth Games.  The Games are a wonderful institution and the Commonwealth of Nations is a force for good in the world. It has long outgrown its origins as a colonial club.  Two of its newest members, Rwanda and Mozambique, have no historical connection to Britain at all.  Only 16 of the 53 member nations of the Commonwealth still have the British Monarch as their head of state: almost two-thirds are republics, including Gambia who rejoined in February this year. Continue reading

Prince Charles has nothing to say to Australians

The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, has declined an invitation from the Australian Republic Movement to give a speech in Australia during his forthcoming visit to Australia. This is a great shame and says a great deal. Continue reading

Support for Monarchy Hits Lowest Ever Level - Celebrity PR Blitz Fails to Shift Opinion

A new poll shows the majority of Australians support an Australian republic, while support for the monarchy has fallen to its lowest recorded level. Just 22 per cent of respondents disagree that Australia should be a republic with an Australian as head of state. 52 per cent agree that Australia should be a republic. Continue reading

Future of the Commonwealth of Nations - Statement from the Australian Republic Movement

BBC News reports overnight indicate the Commonwealth of Nations has set up a "high level group" to decide whether they want Prince Charles to become the head of the Commonwealth when the Queen, who turns 92 in April, dies. The position of Head of the Commonwealth is not hereditary; the majority of Commonwealth countries are republics and there is no guarantee the position will pass to her son Prince Charles. The BBC reports concerns have been raised by member nations about the “democratic credibility” of the Commonwealth if the head role continues to be hereditary in practice. Continue reading

Republic Movement Says No to More Taxpayer Funded Ads

The Australian Republic Movement (ARM) will oppose a monarchist proposal for a taxpayer-funded year-long “public education campaign” about “Constitution and Crown”. Recently, the national chair of the Australian Monarchists League Philip Benwell wrote to all members of Parliament arguing for a year-long program. The letter has not been made public until now. Continue reading

Turnbull Opens Door To National Vote On Republic

The Australian Republic Movement (ARM) welcomes the Prime Minister’s statement today that the next step towards an Australian republic could be a postal survey on how an Australian head of state should be chosen. "The Prime Minister Mr Turnbull should now commit to a national vote on an Australian republic during the next Parliament,” said ARM Chair Peter Fitzsimons. "We are thrilled with the return of the PM – long the most passionate republican in the country; to moving forward the process of becoming a republic.  The leaders on both sides of politics clearly want this to happen. Now it’s not a question of if, but how." Continue reading

Australian Republic Advisory Panel Announced

The Australian Republic Movement has today announced the formation of the Australian Republic Advisory Panel. “The Australian Republic Advisory Panel brings together a group of leading Australians: people who are committed to an Australian head of state and who have agreed to serve as patrons for our cause,” said the ARM National Director Michael Cooney. Continue reading